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Our  president, Dr. Ross Riggs is a retired Louisville Ohio Chief of Police. His lifetime, with over 45 years in law enforcement and public safety, has given him a wealth of experience. Through experience and learning comes wisdom. With wisdom comes the realization that it takes a team of experienced and trained people to best serve our clients. We work as a team and our guarantee is we will always do our best for our clients and if we cannot help them, we will assist them in finding the right person or company who will.​

We are: Fully Insured, Licensed Private Investigators as Class A ~ through the Ohio Department of Public Safety/Homeland Security.

SCI and Defender Security Ltd. exist  to provide professional private investigations, security consulting, plus well qualified and trustworthy armed security for clients in a wide range of environments.

Our company is faith-based. Everything we do is seen by us as a ministry to those we serve. We represent our foundation of faith as Christ-followers. Our reach is world-wide, our integrity is hometown.

2010 - present

Private investigations are offered through the Office of the President SCI and overseen by our Director of Operations. We are available for individual assessments of security and training needs for:

  • Individuals

  • Schools

  • Private Residence

  • Businesses

  • Organizations

  • Attorney’s offices - for investigations and service of papers 

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2010 - present

Trainers of the highest caliber are available with expertise in tactical training, and experienced in emergency response for police, fire, and EMS.​


   State of Ohio Certified Law Enforcement Executive (CLEE) 


   Member of Private Investigator Network (PI Network)

  Certified Senior Police Training Associate International Police Training and Consulting     Services

   Member of the FBI National Academy Associates and holder of the FBINAA Ohio Officer of  the Year 1988

     Experience in collegiate campus security.

Schools face especially difficult security concerns in today’s world. Church based schools  are no different and each should consider a complete security and risk assessment review to offset concerns for financial supporters and provide legitimate standing should an incident occur.


      Twenty four years of experience with local law enforcement       

    Twelve years US Military Weapons Systems Security     


    Fourteen years owning a Private Investigations and Security Consulting Company 

         -plus an overlapping fifteen years global security consulting with over 3000 network affiliates worldwide.       

Prior to becoming Chief of Police, he served for thirteen years with the Rittman Police Dept., rising to the rank of second in command. During this time he worked patrol and supervision, investigations of burglary, larceny, homicide as well as being assigned to the area’s narcotics task force. He became certified as an arson investigator with the State Fire Marshal’s Office in Ohio. One of his arson investigations was published in the International Association of Arson Investigators. He was also the SWAT Team Leader. Tactical training for law enforcement and EMS is part of his c.v.

Certified Law Enforcement Executive
Member National Association of Investigative Specialists
Member Private Investigator Network
FBI National Academy
  •    Associates degree in Criminal Justice

  •    Bachelor of Science in Technical Education

  •    Master’s in Public Administration

  •    Master’s in Ministry

  •    Doctor of Ministry with a focus on Developing Contingency Management and Risk Abatement for Teams in Violent Areas