Security and safety, important at home and on the road. Below are some travel tips, the newest about medical concerns when traveling. Also, there is a crisis for American truckers, traveling nationwide and needing safe places to stop to sleep. The assaults on drivers is increasing and it's deadly. Be wary of parking alongside a road or in a rest area to sleep, especially if you are alone. The best advice is DON'T! Pay whatever for a safe sleep in a decent motel. A nap in a rest stop could be much more costly.

In today's world, pay attention to news of pandemics or other medical concerns. Cruises are particularly vulnerable to the spread of viruses due to being so closely together for such a long a period of time.

Choose wisely.

Avoid getting a hotel room above the 7th floor (fire trucks have ladders that only go so far).

Avoid getting a hotel room on the first floor with exterior windows (voyeurs and burglars).

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When leaving your hotel room, leave the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and the television turned on, loud enough to be heard at the hallway door.

When you go out, do not announce to the desk when you will return or within hearing of the cleaning staff.

If you are traveling alone and arrive at a hotel where they have pre-assigned you a room, ask for your room to be changed.

Make up a reason if you need to. Prevents hidden surveillance or a set up for a burglary or kidnapping.

Utilize the in-room safe when you can, use a difficult set of numbers – Don’t use the room number.

Avoid having the room right next to the stairwell.

Vary your daily routine.

Do not leave materials out for the cleaning staff to see that are valuable, or written materials that could be considered inflammatory. Also, room safes take about 10 seconds to open by someone who knows how. if you use them, use them wisely.